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SLSI January 13, 2023 Workshop ~ Scheman Center (Iowa State Campus) - Ames, IA
8:00AM (Registration 7:30AM) - 5:00PM (8PDHs Offered Including 1 Ethics PDH)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the statewide nature of this program's attendees and contractual obligations in hosting the workshop, this event will proceed regardless of weather.

Gary Kent Is Back To Present the Following:

The Art of Retracement (7 PDHs)

Every professional surveyor across the Unites States knows the phrase “Follow in the Footsteps” as it relates to conducting a boundary retracement survey. But what does that really mean, and what is the basis for following the footsteps? And exactly whose footsteps are we talking about? Surveyors also know the effect of the statute of frauds is that what is written in the conveyancing document is considered by the courts to be the highest and best expression of the parties’ intentions. But what happens when the evidence of the footsteps on the ground conflicts with the written title? What if there are seemingly no footsteps to follow? In this program we will explore the concept of retracement, how it relates to and is dependent on the document of conveyance, and what controls when conflicts are inevitably encountered. When armed with a full understanding of the concept of retracement, surveyors will be much better equipped to help steer their clients (and their affected neighbors) away from the pain and cost of litigation, and towards an amicable solution based on well-placed confidence and understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Abstract (1 PDH Ethics)

The responsibility of professional land surveyors — why they are ultimately licensed — is to safeguard the life, health, property and welfare of the public. It is the opinion of the presenter that the protection of the property and welfare of the public ultimately boils down to the preparation of real property descriptions and the conduct of original and retracement boundary surveys. 

 Among the many things that surveyors can do to protect the property and welfare of the public during their boundary work is to assure that they do not create, or needlessly perpetuate, conflicts with other surveyors. Additionally, clients should be fully informed about what the surveyor’s work represents, and what it does not represent, especially with regard to ownership.

 In this program, the obligations that surveyors have to their clients — through Iowa statutes, standards of practice, standards of integrity, continuing professional development, and especially the rules of professional conduct — will be explored as part and parcel of the retracement process.


Gary Kent is a part-time Professional Surveyor with Schneider Geomatics, a land surveying and consulting engineering firm based in Indianapolis. He is in his 37th year with the firm and upon his shift to part-time status, he formed Meridian Land Consulting, LLC in order to provide training, consulting and expert witness services. 

Gary is a graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Land Surveying; he is registered to practice as a professional surveyor in Indiana and Michigan. He has been chair of the committee on ALTA/NSPS Standards for NSPS since 1995 and is the liaison to NSPS for the American Land Title Association and chair of the joint ALTA/NSPS Standards committee. He is also past- president of both the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping and the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors. 

Gary has served on the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Surveyors since 2004. He is frequently sought as an expert witness in cases involving boundaries, easements, riparian rights, survey standards and land surveying practice. He has presented programs on boundary law, easements and rights of way, surveying standards and practice, and leadership in all 50 states and three times in Europe. He is also a columnist for The American Surveyor magazine. 

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